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Texel brewery

Copper kettles, a piece of workmanship. Come see and taste!

The Texel brewery is located at the Hogeberg, surrounded by ‘tuunwallen’ (property boundaries made of sods) and sheep. The brew masters create a pure product in this former dairy factory. Sea-Water, barley and wheat of the island; it makes her specialty beers truly special. They were given natural-sounding names, such as Skuumkoppe (sea foam/beer collar), Springtij (spring tide) and Eyerlander (islander). The Texel brewery was often granted prices, international ones too! After a fun tour along the copper kettles and bottling plant, the thirst is quenched with a sample board of four Texel beers (or soft drinks). They are poured in the cosy Tasting Room, or, if the weather permits it, at the wooden tables of the patio.