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Gathering oysters with ‘the Oyster Man’ of Texel

Oysters are plentiful on Texel, especially along the Waddendijk, in the Mokbaai and near De Cocksdorp.

. The best time to find oysters is when there's an ‘R’ in the month (September, October and so on). Plenty of local restaurants send their staff out to gather oysters for themselves. And you can do it, too! Join Martin Zeeman of Smakelijk & Meer, aka ‘the Oyster Man of Texel’, for a guided oyster-gathering excursion. You'll ‘pick’ your own and can take up to 10 kilos with you to enjoy at home. Then, once your pails are full, it's time to open and eat the oysters: delicious and fresh from the sea! Fancy a glass of champagne to go along?